Examples of interpreting services provided

remote simultaneous interpreting RSI Zoom videoconference

French – English interpreting for a Zoom meeting / videoconference

French - English Remote Simultaneous Interpreting for an online public event organised as part of the European Interreg project "INdIGO - Innovative Fishing Gear for Oceans"

press conference paris france

Interpreting at the Ministry of Health

French - English consecutive interpreting / translation at a press conference given by the International Confederation of Meningitis Associations (CoMO), at the Ministry of Health in Paris, France (27 September 2010)

consecutive interpreting paris

interpreting conference multilingual paris rennes nantes

Multilingual simultaneous interpreting

Meeting of an international association of patients in Paris

Languages translated: French, English, German, Spanish

For this event, 8 interpreters were hired, and worked in 4 interpreting booths. The attending audience was provided with simultaneous translation in 4 languages . Technical assistance and the appropriate interpreting equipment were also provided.

We can help you prepare your multilingual event, providing tips and advice. We can provide you with the best technical and language solutions for your event or conference, hiring professional interpreters for you and providing you with the appropriate interpreting equipment and technical assistance during your event.


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