French - English Translation

We are specialized in translations from French into English and from English into French. All our translations are entrusted to professional translators who translate into their native languages to guarantee optimal quality and convey the subtleties of the original text in the target language. Furthermore, all our translations undergo a strict quality control process: they are proofread and where necessary corrected by another translator to ensure that the initial message of the source document is accurately rendered in the translation.

We handle all subjects and thoroughly research the relevant terminology in order to faithfully convey all the subtleties of your written works, documents and presentations. With over 16 years’ experience, we have compiled numerous specialized glossaries in different fields. Our glossaries are regularly updated and enhanced with the results of our own terminological research and the feedback we receive from our clients on specific subjects.

Examples of completed translations:

- Translation into English of documents and the website of Paysage de Mégalithes, a French not for profit organization . ( French version ) / (English version)
- Translation into English of a legal writ for a law firm.
- Translation into English of the Tourist Tax Guide for the Dinan Conurbation (French version / English version )
- Translation into English of a scientific article (Client: SUPELEC Rennes.
- Translation into French of administrative documents (Client: a University Hospital Centre).
- Translation into French of financial documents (Client: a bank in the United Kingdom).
- Translation of documents for the Alcoa - Arconic group.
- Translation into English for HPC AG.
- Translation for the Néo-Soft group.
- Translation for the Curie Institute.